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Proud Parents

Expecting Parents

Starting a family or welcoming another child into your family is truly a joy filled adventure. Looking for a reliable pediatrician near Johns Creek? Visit our clinic today!

We consider this a great privilege to join in the care of your family.  Watching your baby grow and develop is one of the joys of being a pediatrician. We would like to see your newborn soon after discharge. Most of the time, this will be 1-2 days after hospital discharge. Please call us as soon as you know you're headed home so we can arrange this appointment.

Pregnant Mom & Dad

The hospital will provide paperwork that has very important information about your baby's first few days of life. Please remember to bring these papers with you at the first visit. 

Dr. Thomas, our pediatrician, is not only a dedicated physician but also a certified lactation consultant. She can offer valuable breastfeeding support.

Dr. Thomas is available for prenatal meet and greet either over phone or in person at no cost to you. 

Call now to set up an appointment!

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