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Ear piercing

Ear Piercing Services at Mindful Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine

Ear Piercing

At Mindful Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, we take pride in offering safe and professional ear piercing services for our young patients. Our commitment to your child’s well-being extends beyond medical care, and we understand that ear piercing is a significant milestone. That’s why we use the Blomdahl Ear Piercing System, a proven method that prioritizes safety, hygiene, and comfort.

Why Choose Blomdahl?

  • The Blomdahl system follows the “modern aseptic technique” used in healthcare.

  • Our piercers use only safe, hygienic, and sterile products to minimize the risk of infections and allergic reactions during the earring application.

When to Pierce?

  • We recommend ear piercing after 4 months old. Waiting until this age ensures that your child has received their first set of vaccines.

  • Additionally, the earlobe grows sufficiently by 4 months, allowing for accurate placement of the earring.

Our Approach:

  1. Appointment-Only Service:

    • We perform ear piercing by appointment only, ensuring adequate time for the procedure.

    • This dedicated appointment allows us to explain the process thoroughly and address any questions about aftercare

  2. Pricing:

    • We charge $90 to pierce both ears.

    • This fee includes the high-quality piercing studs used during the procedure.

Aftercare Guidelines:

  • Immediately after piercing, the ear may feel warm and pulsing, which is normal and will settle down after a day or two.

  • Proper aftercare is crucial to prevent infections. It takes at least six weeks for the hole to heal enough to switch to other earrings.

  • We provide detailed instructions on how to care for your new piercing to ensure a smooth healing process.

Why Trust Mindful Pediatrics?

  • Our experienced team, led by Dr. Priya Thomas, prioritizes your child’s safety and comfort.

  • We believe that every elective procedure should carry as little risk as possible.

  • With Blomdahl’s gentle method and caring jewelry, we make the ear-piercing experience positive and memorable.

Ready to schedule your child’s ear piercing appointment? Let us be part of this special moment in your child’s life! 

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