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Breastfeeding Support at Mindful Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine

Expert Guidance for New Parents

At Mindful Pediatrics, we understand that breastfeeding is a vital aspect of your child’s health and well-being. Dr. Priya Thomas, our dedicated IBCLC-certified lactation consultant, brings her expertise to guide you through this beautiful and essential experience.

Why Choose Our Breastfeeding Services?

  1. Personalized Support: Dr. Thomas provides one-on-one consultations tailored to your unique needs. Whether you’re a first-time parent or seeking guidance for subsequent children, she offers personalized advice and encouragement.

  2. Evidence-Based Practices: Our approach is grounded in the latest research and evidence-based practices. We stay informed about the most effective techniques and strategies to ensure successful breastfeeding.

  3. Latch and Positioning: Dr. Thomas will work closely with you to achieve a proper latch and comfortable positioning. Correct latch is crucial for both baby’s nutrition and your comfort.

  4. Addressing Challenges: Breastfeeding can present challenges, such as sore nipples, low milk supply, or engorgement. Dr. Thomas will address these issues compassionately and provide practical solutions.

Our Services Include:

Prenatal Breastfeeding Education

Prepare for breastfeeding during pregnancy. Dr. Thomas will cover topics such as:

  • Benefits of Breastfeeding: Understand the advantages for both you and your baby.

  • Latch Techniques: Learn about proper latch and positioning.

  • Common Concerns: Address common questions and concerns.

Postpartum Support

After delivery, Dr. Thomas continues to assist you:

  • Lactation Consultations: Schedule personalized consultations to address any challenges.

  • Milk Supply Optimization: Strategies to enhance milk production.

  • Pain Management: Solutions for soreness or discomfort.

Weaning Guidance

When the time comes, we’ll guide you through the weaning process. Dr. Thomas ensures a smooth transition for both you and your little one.

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